Appraisal Review Board

Board Members
  • Armando Magallanes - Chairperson
  • George H. McShan - Secretary
  • Jose Campos, Jr.
  • Clara De Leon
  • Frank F. Garcia
  • Martin Arambula
  • Linda Ramirez
  • Suzanna G. Davis (Auxiliary Member)
  • Howard Slackman (Auxiliary Member)
  • Michael R. Ramirez (Auxiliary Member)
What is the Appraisal Review Board?
What are the ARB’s Duties?
How do I protest my value?
Can I file a protest via Email or fax?
I sent in documentation with my protest. Why have I not heard from anyone?
I forgot to file a protest. Can I still get my value lowered?
What are different protest reasons?
Are lessees allowed to protest their values?
Property Taxpayer Rights & Remedies

Informal Review With Appraisal District Staff

Do I have to go to an ARB Hearing to settle my issue(s)?
Do I need to make an appointment to see an appraiser informally?
Can I negotiate a value over the phone?

Formal Hearing Before Appraisal Review Board

What is a formal hearing before the ARB
Do I need to appear in person?
Where can I obtain hearing information and data?
What form of documentation will the ARB accept for the hearing?
Can I reschedule my ARB hearing?
Can I cancel my ARB Hearing?
What happens if I do not appear at my scheduled hearing?