Business Personal Property

How do I file for my Mixed Use Motor Vehicle Exemption?
What is rendition for Business Personal Property?
What must the rendition statement contain?
Who must file a rendition report?
Do I have to file a Rendition Form for my business?
What types of property must be rendered?
Which forms will I need to file?
When must the rendition be filed?
Where must the rendition be filed?
Can the rendition be faxed or electronically submitted?
What will the appraisal district do with my rendition?
Is my information confidential?
How do I fill out the general and online CAD rendition form?
What portions of the Rendition do I need to fill out?
How do I determine original cost?
What happens if I do not file a rendition, or file it late?
If I cannot file the rendition on time, what should I do?
Can the Chief Appraiser request additional information?
What if the Appraisal District values my property higher than what I rendered?
I received a rendition form but, (1) I do not own the business, (2) I closed the business, or (3) I moved locations?
If I closed/sold the business after Jan. 1, does the rendition need to be filed?
Does the rendition have to be notarized?
If I cannot file by the extension deadline, what should I do?
Are there any exceptions to this reporting requirement
Can there be any other penalties?
What if it is determined that some property escaped taxation in past years?
Can I request a copy of prior years or the last rendition on file?
How do you justify an increase in my commercial property?
What is a statement of authenticity?
Why am I being notified for properties with values under $500?