Appraisal Review Board

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2021 ARB Rules and Procedures
Protest Form
Protest Form/Aviso De Protesta (Spanish/EspaƱol)
Affidavit of Protest Hearing
Waiver of 15-Day Notice of Protest Hearing
Settlement and Waiver of Protest
Motion For Hearing To Correct One-Third Over-Appraisal Error
Affidavit of Evidence Form
Property Owner's Motion for Correction of Appraisal Roll
Order Determining Motion to Correct Appraisal Roll
Request for Binding Arbitration
Withdrawl of Protest
Appointment of Agent Form
A person may not perform property tax consulting services for compensation unless the individual is a registered property tax consultant or a registered senior property tax consultant. Consultants must complete Appointment of Agent forms listing each account the consultant is authorized to represent. That form must be on file with the appraisal district prior to actions taken on behalf of the tax consultant's client. Check with the appraisal district for more details on applying for this form.
Revocation of Appointment of Agent for Property Tax Matters
This rendition covers the property you owned on January 1 of this year. This form is used to report residential real property that was part of your inventory on January 1. You must file a separate rendition form for each subdivision or group of contiguous properties that you own.
Transferring School Tax Ceiling
Transferring Tax Ceiling