Business Personal Property

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Required Application:   Adobe Reader
Business Personal Property Rendition of Taxable Property
Request for Business Personal Property Rendition Extension
Request for Waiver of Penalty
Report of Leased Space for Storage of Personal Property
Lessor's Rendition or Property Report for Leased Automobiles
Aircraft Rendition of Taxable Property
Watercraft Rendition of Taxable Property
Freeport Exemption Application
Material that is transported outside of this state not later than 175 days after the date the person who owns it on January 1 acquired it, or imported it into this state, and assembled, manufactured, repaired, maintained, processed, or fabricated and shipped the materials out of the state during the required time is Freeport goods. An application for this exemption must be filed with the appraisal district by April 30 each year. Copies of this application complete with instructions and supplemental forms are available on this website or obtained from the appraisal district.
Application for Property Tax Abatement Exemption
Application for Allocation of Value for Personal Property Used in Interstate Commerce, Commercial Aircraft, Business Aircraft, Motor Vehicle(s), or Rolling Stock Not Owned or Leased by a Railroad
Application for Exemption for Cotton Stored In a Warehouse
Application for Pollution Control Property Tax Exemption
Application for Property Tax Exemptions: For Vehicle Used To Produce Income and Personal Non-Income Producing Activities
Dealer's Motor Vehicle Inventory Declaration-Confidential
Dealer's Motor Vehicle Inventory Tax Statement-Confidential
Dealer's Vessel, Trailer and Outboard Motor Inventory Declaration-Confidential
Dealer's Heavy Equipment Inventory Declaration-Confidential
Retail Manufactured Housing Inventory Declaration-Confidential
Application for September 1 Inventory Appraisal
Lessee's Affidavit of Primarily Non Income Producing Vehicle Use
Personal Use Leased Vehicles
New Ownership of Mobile Home, Travel Trailer, Model Home on Mobile Home Park Form